Health Fair 2015

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The kids were entertained by the interactive Delta Dental Health Theatre, and many took advantage of the F.B.I. National Child Identification cards.


Fund Administrator, Buffi Gass, was asked to explain the importance of the free blood work and flu shots: "We believe that preventive care is vital for the Fund's overall health. Flu shots and routine blood work save the Fund, our contractors, and our members money – not only in health care expenses, but also with the significant reduction in lost work. The shots and blood work also contribute in a very positive way to the overall health of our group. Influenza is very hard on the body and makes you more vulnerable to other illnesses as well. The routine blood panels we run include prostate screenings for our male population over the age of 40. There was an instance of the prostate screening catching the disease in the beginning stages, which not only saved the member's life, but also saved the Fund money in long term care. It has been very exciting to watch our membership get so involved in preemptive health care. They see the value and are getting more involved in keeping "their" Fund healthy. It's a great day for us all."


The Health Fair has become a genuine symbol of pride for Local 36. Thanks to the year-round efforts of the Benefit Fund staff to expand the Fair, attendance has grown each year; 1600 attendees this year. In addition to the health aspects of the fair, the members and their families enjoy a nice day at the Zoo, courtesy of their Union.

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